How to Enable Video Optimization on Galaxy S8

Are you a user of smartphones that equipped with the Android Nougat operating system? For those of you who use it, you would be very lucky because this Android Nougat operating system will provide an advantage in your smartphone, especially for users of Samsung Galaxy S8.

enable video optimization on galaxy s8

Ever heard about the features of Optimize Video for the Samsung Galaxy S8? It is designed to help you watch the video on your smartphone automatically with optimal results. The function of this feature is instructed to operate on some important video features, saturation, contrast, and brightness included, in order to ensure the best quality of video and movie experience. After you enable the feature, then from now your Samsung Galaxy S8 with Android Nougat will play automatically optimized video every time you use a movie, VLS, Video Player, YouTube, and many other applications Google Play.

Steps to Enable Video Optimization on Galaxy S8

For those of you who are curious about these features, you can follow the steps below to enable it:

  1. Go to a Home screen.
  2. Press the Apps icon.
  3. Access the Settings menu.
  4. Insert the Advanced Functions.
  5. Scroll down through the options until you find the one labeled as “optimization Video”
  6. Press the control to activate the feature and leave the menu.